F. Cardone and S. Duro


In our previous experiments, it has been found that an angle of asymmetry is present when the breakdown of the Lorenz invariance occurs. We want to make sure that this angle is present as a preferred direction of emission for α-rays and neutrons emitted as a result of piezonuclear reactions, or better, the reactions in deformed spacetime (DST-reactions: deformed spacetime reactions, for more details on the DST-reactions [see G. Albertini et al., Material and Process for Energy, ed. A. Mendez-Vilas (Formatex, 2013)]. For this purpose, we analyze the experiment of Ancona for α-ray emission and the experiment of Cagliari for neutrons emission. In this work, we present an example for each group of experiments. These experimental examples are significant because they show the behavior of the emissions detected in all the measures.

Modern Physics Letters B 28, 19, 1450156-1/8 (2014)
DOI: 10.1142/S0217984914501565