F. Cardone, R. Mignani


We discuss the problem of second-order correlation in pion production in high-energy processes (commonly known as Bose-Einstein correlation) by means of the concept of  nonlocality and its mathematical realization via the isotopy of Hilbert and Minkowski spaces. Such a nonlocal approach allows one to describe the spatial shape of the source where pions are produced ("fireball"), and to account also for the correlation in phase.
The correlation function obtained by this method does not contain free "ad hoc" parameters.
Moreover, a test of this nonlocal correlation function performed on UAI experimental data is as good as that given by the conventional treatment.
Such an approach suggests an interpretation of the pion production as a decay process of the fireball whose mean lifetime can be explicitly evaluated.
Using the data of the UAI ramping run, we find an expression for the metric parameters as functions of the energy.
They provide an effective dynamical description of the hadronic interaction in terms of a deformation of the Minkowski metric.
The related parameters of the fireball admit of future experimental verification at DELPHI.
The law of deformation of time in the presence of a hadronic field is derived.
Its behavior with energy allows one to give an appealing picture of confinement and asymptotic freedom of hadronic constituents.

Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, 83, 3, 435 (1996)