G. Albertini, V. Calbucci, F. Cardone, A. Petrucci


Over the past two decades a great deal of evidence has been gathered about the existence and the possible energetic exploitation of a new type of reactions predicted by the Deformed Special Relativity, which is an extension of Special Relativity. According to that theory, the energy of every physical phenomenon determines, by deforming it, the space-time in which the same phenomenon evolves. The practical consequences of this theoretical prediction are that mechanical machines, such as ultrasound generators or other compressing equipments, can also induce nuclear reactions on systems consisting of stable atoms such as iron, if they are able to trigger some particular physical effects able to concentrate an adequate amount of energy in an adequate space-time region. The experimental research aims at converting those predictions into experimental results and, in perspective, into industrial prototypes for a following commercial use. The evidence of nuclear transmutation of elements is among the most interesting possible results. Neutron and alpha particles emission are also reported.


ISBN: 978-84-939843-7-3