R. Mignani, A. Petrucci, F. Cardone


On the basis of the results of some experiments dealing with the violation of Local Lorentz Invariance (LLI) and on the formalism of the Deformed Special Relativity (DSR), we examine the connections between the local geometrical structure of space-time and the foundation of Quantum Mechanics. We show that Quantum Mechanics, beside being an axiomatic theory, can be considered also a deductive physical theory, deducted from the primary physical principle of Relativistic Correlation. This principle is synonym of LLI and of a rigid and flat minkowskian space-time. The results of the experiments mentioned above show the breakdown of LLI and hence the violation of the principle of Relativistic Correlation. The formalism of DSR allows to highlight the deep meaning of LLI breakdown in terms of the geometrical structure of local space-time which, far from being rigid and flat, is deformed by the energy of the physical phenomena that take place and in this sense it has an active part in the dynamics of the whole physical process. This perspective has a far reaching physical meaning that extends its consequences to the foundations of Quantum Mechanics according to the interpretation of Copenhagen. It provides a ’real’ explanation and description of quantum phenomena enriching, by the concept of deformed space-time, the realistic interpretation in terms of pilot wave and hence it uncovers the reality hidden below the probabilistic interpretation and dualistic nature of quantum objects.

arXiv:1305.5735 [physics.gen-ph] DOI: 10.1166/qm.2014.1116