F. Cardone, R. Mignani


We review the foundations and the basic laws of “deformed special relativity” (DSR).
DSR is a generalization of the special theory of relativity, based on a “deformation” of the Minkowski metric, with parameters dependent on the energy of the physical system considered.
Such a deformed metric realizes, for any interaction, the “solidarity principle” between interactions and spacetime geometry (usually assumed for gravitation), according to which the peculiar features of every interaction determine - locally - its own spacetime structure.
The DSR formalism permits to approach the problem of the breakdown of the local Lorentz symmetry in a quite general way. In particular, it allowed us to derive, for all four fundamental interactions, the explicit forms of the related deformed metrics as functions of the energy, which provide an effective dynamical description of the interactions (at least in the energy range considered). DSR admits also of an interpretation in terms of a Kaluza—Klein—like scheme, with energy as fifth dimension.

Annales de la Fondation L. de Broglie, 25, 2, 165 (2000)