F. Cardone, R. Mignani


I. Introduction: Extended Relativity
II. Astrophysical Superluminal Expansions
III. Are Neutrinos Tachyons?
IV. Photon Tunneling and Evanescent Waves
V. Superluminal Optical Propagation in Media with Anomalous Dispersion
VI. X Waves
VII. Do Superluminal Phenomena Violate Causality?


This review is aimed at briefly discussing the main experimental facts (most of which have been found since 1991) underlying the physics of superluminal phenomena. The authors discuss the observation of superluminal motions in astrophysical objects, the upper bounds on neutrino mass, and the evidence for superluminal propagation of evanescent waves in both the microwave range and the optical domain. The very important subject of superluminal X-shaped waves is also covered.

Modern Nonlinear Optics
Part 3 , 2nd edition, ed. by M. Evans
Capitolo (Section) Superluminal Effects and Tachyon Theory
F. Cardone, R. Mignani
John Wiley and Sons Inc. , New York 2001

DOI: 10.1002/0471231495.ch13