F. Cardone, R. Mignani


We carried out two experiments of cavitating water.
In the first one, we subjected to cavitation a sample of bidistilled and do-ionized water by means of new type of sonotrode with a very long working time (> 30 minutes).
We analyzed the cavitated water by three difierent procedures (mass atomic absorption, cyclotron spectrometry and mass spectrometry).
The analysis was confined to the stable chemical elements. We found relevant changes in the concentrations of the elements in the cavitated sample.
In the second experiment, the water was cavitated by a standard sonotrode four times, and the cavitated water after each cavitation run was analyzed by means of a spectrometer in the mass range 210 < M < 270.
Evidence was found for an excess of identified masses in the transuranic region. Our results are similar, in many respects, to those obtained by Urutslcoev et al.
in the experimental study of electric explosion of metal foils in water. A possible connection with the recent Oak Ridge experiment on nuclear fusion induced by cavitation is also hypotesized.

International Journal of Modern Physics B 17, 3, 307 (2003)