R. Mignani, A. Petrucci, F. Cardone


We report and discuss the results of double-slit-like experiments in the infrared range, which evidence an anomalous behaviour of photon systems under particular (energy and space) constraints. These outcomes apparently disagree both with standard quantum mechanics (Copenhagen interpretation) and with classical and quantum electrodynamics.
Possible interpretations can be given in terms of either the existence of de Broglie–Bohm pilot waves associated to photons, and/or the breakdown of local Lorentz invariance (LLI). We put forward an intriguing hypothesis about the possible connection between these seemingly unrelated points of view by assuming that the pilot wave of a photon is, in the framework of LLI breakdown, a local deformation of the flat minkowskian spacetime.

IJCAS, volume 23, 2010, partial proceedings of CASYS'09, in pages-227-241

 International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems, Volume 23, 2010
 Edited by D. M. Dubois, CHAOS, Liège, Belgium, ISSN 1373-5411 ISBN 2-930396-11-3

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