G. Albertini, D. Bassani


Investigations of Piezo-nuclear reactions, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or Condensed Matter Nuclear Science and E-cat are different ways leading to reactions supposed of nuclear nature, which are not easy to describe in terms of the commonly accepted theories. They are analysed by considering four main phenomenological characteristics: occurrence of an energy threshold; change of atomic weight; absence of gamma radiation and anisotropic emission of nuclear particles in intense beams having very short life span. These characteristics qualify them as consequences of reactions supposed to occur in regions of deformed Space-Time. This paper unifies all the observed phenomena into a unique general phenomenology, corresponding to the predictions of the Deformed Space Time theory. This theory is shortly introduced and is shown to apply not only to the nuclear interactions but also to the other known fundamental interactions.

Physics Journal
Vol. 1, No. 3, 2015, pp. 382-387