F. Cardone, A. Marrani, R. Mignani


We discuss the problem of the electron mass in the framework of Deformed Special Relativity (DSR), a generalization of Special Relativity based on a deformed Minkowski space (i.e. a four-dimensional space-time with metric coefficients depending on the energy). We show that, by such a formalism, it is possible to derive the value of the electron mass from the space-time geometry via the experimental knowledge of the parameter of local Lorentz invariance breakdown, and of the Minkowskian threshold energy E0,e.m. for the electromagnetic interaction. We put forward the suggestion that mass generation can be related, in DSR, to the possible dependence of mass on the metric background (relativity of mass).

Book: What is the Electron?
ed. by V. Simulik
Capitolo (Section)
A Geometrical Meaning of the Electron Mass from Breakdown of Lorentz Invariance

Apeiron, Montreal 2004