F. Cardone, G. Cherubini, R. Mignani, W. Perconti, A. Petrucci, F. Rosetto, G. Spera


We report the results obtained by cavitating water solutions of iron salts ( Fe(Cl)3 and Fe(NO3)3 ) with different concentrations at different ultrasound powers. In all cases we detected a neutron radiation well higher than the background level. The neutron production is perfectly reproducible and can at some extent be controlled. These evidences for neutron emission generated by cavitation support some preliminary clues for the possibility of piezonuclear reactions (namely nuclear reactions induced by pressure and shock waves) obtained in the last ten years. We have been able for the first time to state some basic features of such a neutron emission induced by cavitation, namely:

  1. ) a marked threshold behavior in power, energy and time;
  2. ) its apparent occurring without a concomitant production of γ radiation.

Reference: Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, vol. 34, 2009, p. 183

arXiv:0710.5115 [physics.gen-ph]